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1- How to add my newborn baby to the policy ?

By submitting birth certificate to insurance company through HR at your company.

2- What is my maternity limit ?

Standard Maternity limit is 15,000 .00 SR

3- What is my Dental limit ?

Standard Dental limit 2000 SR

4- What is my Optical Limit ?

Standard Optical limit 400 SR (for SME category )

5- What is my Annual limit?

Standard policy annual policy limit 500,000 SAR

6- Can I use my card outside KSA (if yes; what’s the process)?

Please contact MedNet Customer service to check the international coverage

7- How to submit my claims ?

By filling reimbursement form and detail medical report ,original invoices, card copy and submit to insurance company through HR at your company ,in addition you can send us through mobile app .

8- Can I get treatment outside my network ?

In case of Emergency only you can get treatment outside your network and provider should notify MedNet with within 24 hrs

9- Do I have co-payment during my admission?

There is no co-payment during admission .

10- Can I renew my chronic medication without visiting my Doctor ?

Yes ,you can send us prescription copy and will send refill medication to nearest pharmacy.

11- Am I allowed to visit laboratory directly and do investigations without seeing any Doctor ?

it is not allowed to visit Laboratory directly as investigations should be requested by treating Doctor

12- What to do in case on Emergency ?

In case of Emergency you can go the nearest provider for treatment and they should send us request with 24 hrs .

13- How to get my provider list with phone number?

You can download mobile app and all providers phone are available .

14- What's assistance number to call in case any service needed ?

You can call MedNet customer service team on the number at the back of your card 24/7

15- How many days for Free follow up visit?

Free follow up visit within 14 days

16- Can I use my card for my family members?

The card for personal use and not allowed to be used by anyone else .